Thursday, August 23, 2007

Triinu's Vine & Leaf Shawl

This is the beginning of another shawl I'm knitting. I'm using light brown Cashmere yarn from Colourmart in the U.K.
This pattern was just recently translated into English, so there were some challenges, but with the help of my friends, it's coming along nicely. The designer is Triinu Andreassen in Sweden.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Goldie Sox!

This is Goldie Sox! my latest and the greatest of all my sock machines! This is the Bronze New Zealand Auto Knitter manufactured by Jacquie Grant in New Zealand . She only made 4 of these and it is my understanding that they are all sold to U.S. citizens.
What is great about this machine is that it's a compound as well as a regular sock knitting machine. Compound means it has cylinders to make small diameter (children's) socks. The regular means it makes regular or adult circumference socks. Of course with any machine you can make the sock as long as you wish or need.
People are always surprised when I tell them that these machines knit ribbing and heels and toes. Of course the socks are seamless as well.
This machine was more expensive than any of the others I've owned. In fact, I sold two other machines to be able to afford this one. But it was worth it. This is the do it all machine and I love it!