Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here's the Ladies

Teddy Bear's baby born in June 2009
This is Teddy Bear with her baby that was born in June 2009.
Both Moms with babies.
Big Ears Mom and her baby. Baby was born April, 09

The Boys!

One of these boys is a visitor. My boys are telling him to vamoose! E-Gads! There aren't enough girls for 3 young bucks.

Little Buck and Big Buck, what more can I say. They are handsome dudes and would say Big Buck is probably the father of the babies. I just hope they don't end up in someone's freezer.

Graceful One!

This is the love of my life! She thinks she's a lap dog and lays on my lap while take naps or knitting. I can set my pattern on her back while I'm knitting. She doesn't mind it a bit. I can even have my beads sitting there and she doesn't spill them.
This picture was taken last winter; I groom her myself. I love this dog!!

Back to the Critters

This is our resident owl. He/she entertains us every morning with his chanting to another owl nearby. They call back and forth to each other until the sun is up fully. I just love God's creatures!

Mardi Gras Shawl

This is my Mardi Gras shawl knitted several months ago. It was a knit along with Goddess Knits and in my opinion she out did herself on this one. It took me a long time to get pictures of this beauty and I don't think I captured it yet. But it's the best I can do. There isn't one square inch that doesn't have beads. It's unbelievable!
I used Silk Thread from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the colorway called Korppi. It is purple and green and way more beautiful than I can describe while being paper thin or shear that you can see through it! This yarn is 100% silk with one hank being 1250 yards/99 grams! I hope you like it.