Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mystery Shawl 9

This is a pattern from Goddess Knits. It measures 35"x75", done in Handmaiden Sea Silk in Bronze colorway. I used U.S. needle size 4 and size 8 to bind off.

I gave Renee (Goddess Knits) negative opinion about the web site she now uses for her knit alongs. She doesn't use Yahoo Groups which is very user friendly for emails, photos and many choices for posting etc. Instead Renee uses a web site from Simple Machines. Photos have to posted to another web site with a link to Simple Machines. Posts are scattered through out the web site depending on the topic used by the poster/participant.

Another thing I'm not fond of is the mystery clues are jammed into 5 parts. You have to knit like crazy to keep up. In my opinion, the whole idea of knit alongs is the communication and camaraderie with other knitters. With Goddess Knits knit alongs, you don't have time to form friendships with all the pressure to keep up. She's a very talented designer and this is a business for her. I have to remember that in the future.


Lia Nord said...

Your MS 9 shawl is just beautiful--the color is very complimentary to the pattern, too! I appreciated your comments about the website Renee is using-- I'm not crazy about it, either, but I'm getting used to it. Perhaps I will eventually like it!

I love the other shawl you have posted on the blog site. Your knitting is lovely!

fleegle said...

Nevertheless. the final result is stunning!

And so is Triinu--I have the pattern, just have to figure out what yarn I want to use.