Sunday, March 08, 2009

Don't Eat That!

It's Gone, My Pet Fish is Gone!
That's my pet fish! Actually he's a Heron looking for a free lunch. You can see we put netting over the top of the pond to keep the Herons, Kingfisher and Osprey out of our pond. It worked well for the Kingfisher. The Osprey tried once and left without a meal and this buzzard keeps coming back. He's on top of the netting, pushing it into the water and pulls the fish up through the mesh to eat it.

After these pictures were taken we put a fence around the perimeter of the pond and raised the netting across the top of the fence.

Today, the Heron was in the pond anyway! I released my mean dogs (3 Poodles) ! And they ran around the fenced pond barking at him, which scared him a lot. But he couldn't just fly out. He had to retreat the same way he got in. THROUGH THE FENCE!! Being animal lovers, we brought the mean dogs into the house and watched the buzzard walk through the 4 inch hole in the fence.

It will be spring soon and the fish can have fun spawning again. That's always fun to watch as the males chase the females around and bump their mid section. Then watching the baby fish swimming and growing and changing color is entertaining too.

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