Friday, October 20, 2006

Knitting Projects

This is slow progress, but I am making headway. Only about 10 inches to go on the length, then the neck band and it will be finished. Today is New Year's day 2007.

This is a current Knit Along project called "Kerry". I'm using Black Water Abbey yarn in Pippin color. Because I love green, this will be for me! Yippee!!

This is an aran sweater I started for my husband some time ago, but I keep getting side tracked! This is so beautiful, I think I need need to get-er-done! It's called "Rick's Aran" from the newsletter, "Twists and Turns" by Janet Szabo. I'm using Brown Sheep yarn in Blue Boy color.
This is called "Sandy" from the book "Big Girl Knits ". I made this for myself and finished it the first of October. I used Brown Sheep yarn in Turkish Olive and Noro yarn.


candy said...

WOW...WEEE what beautiful knitting!! Gay, You are very talented.


Nan said...

I love that pattern!! Where did you get it? I would like to see the whole pattern.