Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sock Yarn For Sale

1 ply 80% wool 20% nylon colors are Oat, Jean, Grey, Green 430 yards each; $5.99 each + postage
2 ply 80% wool 20% nylon colors are Jean, Red, Chocolate, Oat, Green, Dk Grey, Grey
215 yards each $5.99 + postage


rosi said...

What beautiful pics. Your knitting and yarn are so well done, but I'm smitten by the deer and humming birds. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely surroundings.

Debbie said...

Hi Gay,

I love the colors that you're using for your yarns (particularly the denim looking one!).

How did you get into dyeing? I have 27 acid dyes sitting on my shelf waiting for me to get motivated to try my hand at it. Is it hard?