Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Children

Today I talked to two of my three children. They are always so concerned about me and my health since their father died 15 years ago. What these adult children don't know is that I'm enjoying life more now than ever. No clock to watch! I get up when I want to, go to bed when I want to! Retirement is great!
I spend a lot of my day knitting or dying sock yarn, preparring a fleece for spinning or just enter a post on this blog. All the things I always wanted to do, but didn't have time. Now I have all the time I need.
I think I'm going to the County Fair today to check on my sweaters to see how others see my knitting. I'll post the results later. That's all for now. Ta Ta


kirk1stchild said...

Love you Mom!! Painting Yarn?

Where fibers meet mud said...

Ah Retirement - you just keep on moving! That is the key - I love the hummingbirds and your sock machines! that is the next purchase item for me - and a knitting machine - retirement is 9 years away and I am counting the days and praying that I can retire when I am 65! if not sooner