Monday, October 08, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Another finished project! This one took me a long time because each segment was a clue that I was able to keep up with easily. The original design had a wing on one side and the point you see on the other side. When I was working on the wing I was not happy with the asymmetrical look, so I removed the wing. Then started another piece to match the first and graphed the two together.
You can see a glint of the beads through out this piece and that was the effect I was trying for. I finished this piece and blocked it on October 5th. Now I'm back to working on Triinu's Vine and Leaf Shawl.


BadCatDesigns said...

It is lovely!

N. Maria said...

Very beautiful!! I love the way you knit it!

Sandy said...

Your mystery stole (and all of your other shawls) are beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. ;) Have a great weekend and a happy holiday!