Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leg Warmers on the Sock Knitting Machine

These are the leg warmers I was talking about. My friend wanted them to go over the knee so they needed to be extra long. They are 31 inches long and wide enough for average legs. You can see that I have ribbing on both ends so they will stay up on the leg and stay put at the ankle.
This is my Goldie! It's my favorite sock knitting machine and it's a work horse. Last week I made two pair of leg warmers for my friends. I have a picture of one pair. I was so excited about making the first pair that I forgot to get a picture before I gave them away. The first pair was made with regular sock yarn (self striping) and they were for a thin lady with small legs.
The second pair of leg warmers were a larger lady so I needed to adjust for bigger legs as well as make them longer for scrunching and folding down the leg. You will have to imagine them.


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